"Protecting Japan's Food and Fisheries."
Benners, Inc. protects Japan's food and fishing industries,
We aim to be the most needed company in the fisheries industry.
With the latest technology and a superior business model,
We will develop the fisheries industry and the Japanese food industry.


"Enrichment of all people
involved in the fisheries industry"
There are many different players, each interacting with each other to form an ecosystem.
These organisms range from microorganisms to seaweeds to large animals, and in marine biology,
these aggregates are called marine communities. In Japan's fisheries industry,
there are various players such as fishermen, fishing cooperatives, markets, and wholesalers,
each of which plays its own role.
We are developing Marinity, a marine products distribution system, with the aim of creating a system and
community that maximizes the capabilities and functions of each player.

Greetings from the Representative

Representative director
井口 剛志
Tsuyoshi Inokuchi
My father and grandparents were engaged in the fishing industry, and it is no exaggeration to say that I was raised by the fishing industry. As such, the recent exhaustion of the fisheries industry has been eye-opening to me. The challenges facing the industry are complex and wide-ranging, including an overly complicated distribution structure, a dwindling and aging fishing industry, and the fact that Japanese people are becoming less and less interested in fish. To solve these issues, we founded Benners Inc. in April 2018. The origin of the company name “Benners” comes from an immortal spirit bird called Bennu that appears in Egyptian mythology. It represents our strong desire to never give up until the end, until we become the most needed company for the Japanese seafood industry.

Under the management philosophy of “Protecting Japan's Food and Fisheries Industry,” Ben-Nur's Inc. will work together with all people involved in Japan's fisheries industry to make the fisheries industry thrive. We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

About Us

Company Name : Benners, Inc.
Base : head office
5F Hano Suisan Fukuoka Kashii Refrigerator, 2-3-1, Kashiihama Pier 2-chome, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel:092-692-2033 (Wholesale Division)

Business :1. processing and sales of marine products and manufacturing, processing and sales of frozen foods
2. food and beverage business
Establishment of a company : April 2018
capital stock : 95 million yen
Representative Director : Tsuyoshi Inokuchi